African Free (Eva Seeds)

Internet Rating: 85 / 100
User Rating:
4.0/5 rating (4 votes)
Genetic Type Sativa/Indica (75%/25%)
THC Content 8-17%


A quite hardy, vigorous, high-yielding indoor strain. African Free can also be grown outdoors in Mediterranean type of climate. It gets big, has a huge central cola and a great amount of side branches. It is not particularly stretchy though you may exercise some height control (LST, supercropping, ScrOG). The buds are rather leafy but the sugar leaves are abundantly covered by resin which makes African Free a great strain for hash production. Most phenos finish flowering in 11 weeks after the switch to 12/12. The smell is very subdued. An award-winning strain.


Euforic, creative, clear-headed. No munchies (appetite stimulation).


Not very intense.