Auto Speed Bud (Female Seeds)

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84 / 100
This strain has a lot of 60-day phenos. The yields are good. The smell, taste and the indica-type high are very nice.

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An autoflowering indica/sativa hybrid


  • Seed To Harvest: 60-105 days
  • Yield: 0.5-2oz per plant
  • Height: Up to 4ft
  • Outdoor

    Seed Type: Feminized Only

    This indica-leaning autoflowering hybrid really finishes quickly - in 60 days from seeds in most cases at which time the trichomes get milky. However, there are slower phenos (up to 100 days from seeds) which are bigger and better yielding. You may see preflowers at day 21 and flowering tops - at day 30. Many phenos get purple. The plants are compact (though somewhat taller than the breeder claims), with short internodes and dense canopy. The smell is strong and penetrating.


    A strong indica stone that numbs your body and quickens your thoughts.

    Good for:

    Very pleasant and intense.


    A selected strain on speed and resinous buds out of all the automatic strains on the market today.
    Low leaf production, with more flowers than leaves. Average stone/high.
    2nd photo is at 5 weeks from seed.

    Flowering time: 35 days
    Height: 40 - 80 cm
    Seed to harvest: 53 days
    Yield: Fast bulky crop
    Taste/Smell: Soft taste with a diesel undertone

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