Mexican Airlines (Fast Buds)

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80 / 100
A very good auto, especially for outdoors, it has a great smell. The sativa-like high is strong but not in every pheno.

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A sativa dominant auto
THC: 19% CBD: 1%


  • Seed To Harvest: 70-90 days
  • Yield: 1.5-4oz per plant
  • Height: 3'-4.5'
  • Outdoor

  • Seed To Harvest: 100 days
  • Yield: From 1.5oz per plant
  • Seed Type: Feminized Only

    A big, quite high-yielding autoflowering sativa. Even the leaves are covered with crystals. It stinks a lot when in flower. The genetics are not stable. There's too much ruderalis in some phenos. Mexican Airlines has a lot of side branches and all of them are equally long. They are also very pliable which is good for LST and SCROG. Mexican Airlines finishes faster if you give it less hours of light (14/10). It is not worthwhile to chop it at the time recommended by the breeder because the yields are big only if you give your plants extra 2-3 weeks. Beware of mold!


    Depends on the pheno. It can be strong and it can be weak but even the weak one is unlike any other. Uplifting, giggly, without paranoia. Very few effects in the body.


    Strong and pleasant. Sweet, fruity, with hints of mint.


    Mexican Airlines is a hybrid of Mexican sativa, Columbian and our Ruderalis. With the highest prevalence of sativa, which is very rare for autoflower , we reached very high results in its productivity. The effect is very arousing and creative. This strain deserved its name. After smoking Mexican Airlines, you will be taken to the hot beaches of Cancun momentarily.

    Genetics: Columbian x Mexican x Ruderalis
    Flowering: Flowers at 12-18 hours photoperiod. 9 weeks from germination
    Yield: Indoor 450-500 g/m2 Outdoor 50-250g/plant
    Height: 90 - 140cm
    THC: 19%
    CBD: 1%
    Autoflowering: Yes

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