Vertigo (Paradise Seeds)

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72 / 100
There are conflicting opinions both of the growing and the high. The strain likes big pots and powerful lamps. The high is strong for an auto and the flavor nice.

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An autoflowering indica/sativa hybrid
THC: 15-18%


  • Seed To Harvest: 60-90 days
  • Yield: Medium/High
  • Height: 1'-4.5'
  • Outdoor

  • Seed To Harvest: 65-90 days
  • Yield: 2.5oz per plant
  • Height: 2'
  • Seed Type: Feminized Only

    A big, fast auto that is not always reliable. The yields are in the average to high range. This strain should be grown in big pots, without any transplanting, under powerful lights. Outdoors it shows sex early and finishes fast. The smell becomes strong towards the end. The buds are easy to manicure. You may see some hermies in the later stage of flowering.


    It is quite strong for an auto. Some users say it's a creeper but lasts long, others report that it hits fast and lasts for a short time only. If you don't feel anything immediately it's better to wait a bit before smoking more. The effect comes in waves.

    Good for:

    Citrus, bubblegum, cotton candy, coffee, berries. The smell is too strong to carry the stuff on your person.


    Deep Chunk... Once you have tasted Vertigo, the only way is up, because this is a great autoflower option for medical cannabis patients looking to cancel out their pain.

    One of our newest strains, Vertigo is an autoflowering plant that we took our time to research and develop. We spent a number of generations breeding this sativa/indica hybrid before we released it, perfecting its characteristics of stability and strength.

    Over the past few years there has been much demand for our autoflower varieties. To develop our autoflower range, we put our 20 years experience into practice, to ensure that the reduced size and quick flower times of our autos were matched by quality. Vertigo is one of these strains that has benefited from the rigorous R+D process we employ at Paradise Seeds, producing one of the first auto varieties that has been bred specifically with medical users in mind.

    As some medical users may not be experienced cultivators, Vertigo has been developed to be an easy grow variety that is versatile and very forgiving. It is well suited to an indoor grow room and can grow tall for an autoflower thanks to its sativa genetics, reaching a height of 1m or above. Its quick flowering time of 60 days makes it a popular choice for commercial cultivation.

    In an outdoor environment it will also grow very well. Naturally, more sunlight and a warmer climate will boost the yield in southern regions of Europe and in southern states of the US and areas of the southern hemisphere. As for northern regions,we like to think of this, as with all our autoflowers, as God’s gift to the ganja farmer in these more moderate parts of the world! Vertigo will work in town and countryside gardens in countries such as the UK, Germany, Czech Republic and areas of Canada and northern USA.

    The taste is fruity, with a predominance of citrus, and the effect is physical. Especially good for numbing pain, Vertigo nevertheless comes with a well balanced high that keeps you from disappearing inside your couch and allows you to get things done.

    THC: **
    CBD: *
    Indica/Sativa Ratio: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
    Indoor Flowering Time: 60 days
    Outdoor Flowering Time: 70 days
    Effect/Buzz: Heavy potent
    Smell/Taste: Citric intense bouquet
    Yield Outdoor (GR/PP): 75+ Gr
    Yield Indoor (gr/m2): 500 Gr

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