60 Day Wonder (DNA Genetics)

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There are many phenos. Most of them have a big main cola with few side shoots and finish in 60-70 days, with substantial harvests. The type of high is a long-lasting couchlock.

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An autoflowering indica dom hybrid


  • Seed To Harvest: 60-75 days
  • Yield: 1-2oz per plant
  • Height: 1.5'-2.5'
  • Outdoor

    Seed Type: Feminized Only

    An automatic version of Williams Wonder. Most phenos really finish in 60-70 days. The results are hard to predict though because you'll get some dwarves and also some super autos. The latter are easy to spot early because a true 60 days phenotype shows pistils not later than at 3 weeks from seeds. The strain is hardy enough to survive even an emergency transplant. An ideal SOG strain.


    Long lasting. Medium-strong to strong. A couch-lock type of high but not overwhelming, so it is still possible to function. 60 Day Wonder is often used by medical patients. If you harvest your buds earlier you'll get a super heady buzz.

    Good for:

    The smoke is mild and mellow, doesn't make you cough. The taste is rather unusual, not particularly delicious.


    Our commercial growers have kept asking us to produce a feminized strain that will yield and finish FAST. Well that time has come, we’re proud to introduce the 60 Day Wonder! It took us a bit longer to get this one released but it was definitely worth the wait!! It’s Williams Wonder! A very special commercial indica that produces fat and resinous flowers and finishes early. It is then crossed to a ruderalis strain, back crossed a couple of times, and now we are ready to release one of the fastest commercially viable strains out on the market. 60 Day Wonder will finish in any light cycle, including 24 hours of light, 60 days from SEED!!! The flowers on this plant look more like the Williams Wonder and it keeps the medicinal values of her as well, but thanks to the ruderalis, we don’t have to wait long for this magical medicine! Great for the beginner grower and perfect for commercial growers who want to crop every 60 days in- or outside from SEED!! A great strain for the windowsill or for the stealthy gardener.

    Williams Wonder x Ruderalis
    90% Indica : 10% Sativa
    Yield: 28-40g's a plant!

    Smell and taste are fantastic. The yield is decent for an auto flower. True to its name it finished in 60 days from seed. Only problem is you can't clone an auto flower. That for me makes the price a little steep... Very good seeds. All of them sprouted.

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    • Mike


      28 April 2018 at 13:11 |
      Do you shop ship to the USA
      • Dmitry


        28 April 2018 at 15:33 |
        This is an informational site only. However, our sponsor Seedsman ships discretely form UK worldwide.

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