Critical Rapido Auto (Barney's Farm)

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The famous indica strain in an automatic form, it is easy to grow and beginner-friendly. The effect is medium strong, long lasting and relaxing.

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Autoflowering indica
ТГК: 15% КБД: 1.3%

Закрытый грунт

  • От семки до урожая: 60-77 days
  • Урожайность: 2.5-4oz per plant
  • Высота: 1-2.5ft
  • Открытый грунт

    Тип семян: Только фемки

    Critical Rapido is an automatic version of the famous indica strain - Critical Mass. These small compact plants with many side branches and short internodes have a christmas tree shape and form many fat dense colas. Very good for 'sea-of-green' setups where they produce excellent harvests. If you want the plants to remain short and to finish faster give them 18/6 throughout the whole cycle. In which case they will commence flowering in only 3 weeks from seeds and will be fully mature in 9-11 weeks. By giving them more hours of light (up to 24/0) you will get large bushy plants with heavy yields. However, the life cycle may get as long as 17 weeks. Critical Rapido is very easy-to-grow and hungry for plant food. It is good for first time growers. There's no information as to how it performs outdoors.


    Medium strong but long-lasting. It is mentally stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Users with tolerance can still function but inexperienced smokers get couchlocked and even sleepy. Good strain for munchies.


    The smell is pungent, the taste - generic. The long cure makes them much better. The smoke is mild and doesn't cause coughing.

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