Ice (Nirvana)

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81 / 100
An easy-to-grow, high-yielding "white" strain for indoors and warmer temperate climates. Its flavorful smoke makes your mouth numb.

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THC: 18,5%


  • Flowering Time: 56-77 days
  • Yield: 400-500 g/m2
  • Height: 2.5-4.5ft
  • Outdoor

  • Harvest Time: October-November
  • Yield: 2oz per plant
  • Height: Small
  • Seed Type: Both Fem And Reg

    A very stinky, hardy, high-yielding strain, it finishes in 9 weeks producing buds abundantly covered with "frost". It grows quickly and doesn't need much fertilizers. The stretch in flowering is considerable. Outdoors, it is ready by the end of October in warmer temperate climates.


    Depends on the dose: active in small doses and couch-locky/sleepy in high doses. The effects are felt both in the body and in the head. Causes numbness in the mouth, sometimes - in arms and legs. Some users experience paranoia.

    Good for:

    Relaxing after work, taking a nap, chatting with friends, laughing.


    One of the strain's highlights. Old-school weed with hints of diesel, menthol, eucalyptus, prunes. The smoke is dense and flavorful.


    Through an intensive process of selection among thousands of marijuana plants, we managed to create Ice, a perfect union of quantity and quality. With its ancestry of Afghan, Shiva, Northern Light and a very special Skunk, Ice is a truly spectacular cannabis hybrid. Its dense flowers are richly covered in trichomes and the buds that form along the main branches have a high flower-to-leaf ratio. Ice seeds will flourish in both hydro and soil environments. With its heavy stone effect and almost fuel-like aroma, it's no wonder Ice won the 1998 Cannabis Cup hands down.

    Plant Type: Hybrid
    Cultivation: Indoor as well as Outdoor
    Plant Height: Medium
    Effect: High (Head Trip) yet Stoned (Body Buzz)
    Flavor: Pungent, Fruity
    Average Yield: 400 - 500 g/m² in SOG
    Flowering Period: 8 - 10 weeks
    White Strain: Yes
    Medical Use: Yes
    Seeds per pack: 5

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