Lemon Skunk (Green House Seeds)

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81 / 100
An unmistakable citrus smell and strong but mellow effect combined with an ease of growing. A real stinker, a medium yielder.

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Mostly indica
ТГК: 19,12% КБД: 0,23%

Закрытый грунт

  • Время цветения: 50-70 days
  • Урожайность: Medium
  • Высота: Medium/Large
  • Открытый грунт

  • Готовность: September-October
  • Урожайность: Medium
  • Тип семян: Только фемки

    Sometimes it grows slowly but is never finicky. It takes ages for the flowering to start. Lemon Skunk finishes in 8-9 weeks and produces a medium amount of "frosty" buds. The smell is usually very strong. It can be unpleasant at first (as if something is rotting) and then gets citric. This strain doesn't like dryness of the earth and air and can take a large amount of nutrients.


    Mellow but strong and long lasting. It is pleasant in the body, interesting and altogether fun. It comes in slow waves and can be uplifting when taken moderately.


    Listening to music, playing video games, watching movies, socializing. You can also work under its influence if consumed in moderation.


    One of Lemon Skunk's highlights. A fresh, sweet smell of lemons/citrus with some skunk on the exhale. Sometimes you get the flavor of (water)melons.

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