Orange Bud (Dutch Passion)

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82 / 100
This strain hermies too easily which is a shame when one thinks of its amazing flavor and its enjoyable and powerful high. No smell flowering.

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A skunk, 80% sativa / 20% indica
THC: 16,5%


  • Flowering Time: 57-64 days
  • Yield: A little above average
  • Outdoor

  • Harvest Time: Late October
  • Yield: Medium/High
  • Seed Type: Both Fem And Reg

    It develops a big central cola with very few side branches. You can try growing it in warm temperate climates, with the harvest by the end of October. Orange Bud doesn't like high humidity and is very prone to hermies.


    Active, uplifting, it hits you immediately, is felt both in the head and the body and is lightly psychedelic. It can be smoked both alone (to chill) and socially (to talk and giggle). A Cannabis Cup winner.

    Good for:

    One of the strain's highlights. Skunk, tangerines, oranges.


    One of the original skunk (100% skunk!) varieties and still one of the best we have ever seen.  Orange Bud was selected  from outstanding  Skunk genetics in the early 80's, it is a highly potent and very stable strain that grows well indoors or outdoors with any type of grow medium. Even new growers will find Orange Bud easy and pleasurable to grow, producing generous levels of dense, hard bud covered with crystals and beautiful orange hairs.

    As well as being a cup winning variety in the 80's and 90's, Orange Bud remains a classic skunk that should be savoured by any Skunk connoisseur. Orange bud is particularly notable for its yields in 'sea of green' grows. The highly potent smoke is uplifting and cerebral, good for stoners who have active lifestyles. The unique taste is sweet with clear citrus tones of nectarine and ripe orange.

    This remains a top-5 best seller for all the right reasons – stable, potent, easy to grow and with great yields, Skunk fans delay no longer, buy some today!

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