Passion #1 (Dutch Passion)

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A fast finishing, reliable commercial strain for outdoors. It is mold-resistant and is ready to harvest in the first weeks of October. Though a pure indica, its high is sativa-like and powerful.

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100% indica
THC: 18,6%


  • Flowering Time: 42-56 days
  • Yield: Medium
  • Height: Medium/Tall
  • Outdoor

  • Harvest Time: September-October
  • Yield: 1.5-15oz per plant
  • Height: 7'-12'
  • Seed Type: Both Fem And Reg

    An old-school outdoor indica that produces commercial harvests in colder climates. The plants are tall, the smell - weak and the buds - mold-resistant. They are not very dense, nor very resinous. The branches are thin and bend under the weight of the buds. Passion #1 is ready for harvest in September or in the first weeks of October.


    A powerful high, stony, with interesting head effects. Many name Passion #1 their favorite smoke.




    Passion #1comes to you with our highest recommendations.  It is one of the best green outdoor varieties available anywhere, and has been ever since it hit the scene in the 1970’s as a legendary Californian Indica.  Passion#1 made its way to Dutch Outdoor growers in the 1980’s thanks to Dutch Passion and has established a reputation as a strong, stable strain that is easy to grow.  If started early in the season, Passion#1 can reach 3.5m tall, though 2m is more typical.  Yields can range from 250 grams to as much as 750g from large plants that can reach staggering proportions when grown in optimum conditions.

    Passion#1 grows long and compact buds that are heavy with resin, this is a variety developed only for outdoor/greenhouse and is not for the indoor grower.  When you trim this plant remove only the large fan leavers, the smaller leaves are often dripping with resin.  The smoke is soft and gentle with a fresh citrus aroma, then Passion #1 hits you quickly with a strong exhilarating ‘up’ high. Smoke a little more and you will notice a strong, heavy and pleasurable stone.  We have measured Passion #1 with THC levels approaching 20% making this a genuinely satisfying selection for your outdoor garden or greenhouse.  This is another strong and stable Dutch Passion outdoor variety which has maintained its presence in our seed collection over several decades.  A variety you will want to grow again and again.

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