Purple #1 (Dutch Passion)

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75 / 100
This strain is for those who want to grow exotic looking purple marijuana outdoors. Its balanced indica/sativa high is nice and mellow.

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50% sativa / 50% indica
THC: 11,1%



  • Harvest Time: September-October
  • Yield: 4.5-12oz per plant
  • Height: 5'-8'
  • Seed Type: Both Fem And Reg

    This strain is popular thanks to a beautiful purple color. It should be cultivated only outdoors and in greenhouses. The plants are tall (up to 8 feet) and quite productive. The buds are not dense but this is what protects them from mold.


    Mellow, pleasant, with a nice sativa/indica balance, not very long-lasting. A good pain-relieving, calming, sleep-inducing medicine.


    A fruity smell, an unrefined sweet taste.


    Purple#1 is  the world famous classic original purple variety that dates back to the early 1980’s and has been treasured for it’s uniquely beautiful purple colourings and great high.  Used extensively by other seedbanks for breeding, our original Purple#1 plant is a 50/50 sativa/indica mix.  The indica parentage comes from a very special purple Afghani which was carefully crossed in Holland with some top indica and sativa strains to create a strong outdoor plant that is fully adapted to the Dutch climate.  Yields are a reasonable 250-350 grams per plant, the calyx’s turn purple quickly as flowering begins and the buds are complemented by sweet and sticky small purple leaves that grow amongst the resin soaked purple buds.  Purple #1 is typically 1.5m-2.5m tall, it is for outdoors/greenhouse only and is an early finisher.  The fan leaves are often sativa-like in appearance and show amazing purple colours.  This variety has had it’s own dedicated fanbase for several decades and remains a popular and beautifully distinctive strain some 30 years after it was first released.  Purple#1 gives a sticky, fruity purple-streaked ganja that has a superb fast-hitting high.  The high isn’t the longest lasting but this is more than compensated for by the quality of the experience.  It is more of an ‘up’ high than a stone with a somewhat rough, yet subtle, aroma.  A great choice for those seeking a fast-finishing tough outdoor variety that combines striking purple buds with a fresh and potent high.

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