Rhino Ryder (Fast Buds)

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A hardy auto hybrid for smaller spaces that produces nice harvests. Due to high CBD content it gives one a powerful medicinal effect.

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An autoflowering indica/sativa hybrid
THC: 17-20% CBD: 1,2%


  • Seed To Harvest: 60-75 days
  • Yield: 1-2.5oz per plant
  • Height: 2'-3.5'
  • Outdoor

  • Seed To Harvest: Up to 115 days
  • Height: Up to 2'
  • Seed Type: Feminized Only

    This autoflowering hybrid has an excellent germination rate, is vigorous and very hardy - it can survive a long draught, some frost and pest attacks. The main pheno is small, with a dominating central cola and weak side growth. However, you may get a larger, bushier pheno. Rhyno Ryder has big leaves and thick stem. It shows sex after 3 weeks from seeds and starts flowering immediately, both in- and outdoors. It does smell in flowering but moderately. In 60-75 days Rhino Ryder produces nice harvests of completely white buds that are also mold-resistant. The roots like a lot of space so it's recommended to use at least 3-gallon pots.


    Medical, relaxing and calming. However, it's not just a body buzz but is also cerebral. In most cases it's strong and - more importantly - long lasting. It can even be felt next morning. It helps you sleep, alleviates pain and is good against cramps and spasms.

    Good for:

    Not a social strain.


    Most users don't mention it. It's probably pleasant but subdued. Sour, with an aftertaste of pears.


    If you need medical cannabis, this is your strain. It's an autoflowering feminized adaptation of Medicine Man aka White Rhino.

    A successful product of our lab which set the goal of creating a strain that's easy to grow, it matures rapidly, and is especially effective at soothing a range of ailments. In short, it's a variety that is most suitable for those who have been prescribed medical marijuana.

    It's a hybrid with a good balance of both Indica and Sativa genetics, and is thus advantageous for patients. Its Indica heritage endows is with properties that relieve chronic pain whilst its Sativa heritage contributes to better mental clarity, and helps with combating stress.

    As a plant it is so perfectly easy to grow that you'll forget that you have it until harvest. It is pest and drought resistant, and does not need too much fertilizer. A great feature is that it doesn't grow too tall, reaching a maximum height of 100 cm.

    Observe how this great plant spreads her large leaves and builds powerful, thick stems. The compact, white crystal-coated buds are round and very dense, and the cola will be rock hard.

    Its yield and quick growth benefit the grower. At about 10 weeks or so it will be ready for harvest, yielding 350 grams per plant. Amazing!

    From the fifth week, it begins exuding a skunky aroma, with sweet nuances, and the buds begin to get compact as they fill in with abundant resin. They'll look like white horns.

    It has a very high CBD content of 1.2% and a stellar THC content of 20% THC. This plant is like a medical kit.

    From a medical perspective, Rhino Ryder is especially useful for muscle problems; spasms, fibromyalgia, cramps; and all manner of conditions that cause physical pain. It is also a good ally during bedtime since it has a calming effect.

    When smoked it causes a physical buzz. In the mouth there's a very nice pear aftertaste . And gradually the buzz is triggered - it's like a large dose of narcotics, giving a muscle relaxant effect.

    Its smoke also has a strong, pungent quality that eliminates anxiety and stress with force.

    Without a doubt, it's a pleasant, medically effective strain that can be grown anywhere.

    Genetics: Medicine man x Ruderalis
    Flowering: flowered at 12-18 hours photoperiod. 9-10 weeks from germination
    Yield: 450-650 g/m2 50-350 g/plant
    Height: 90 - 120 cm
    THC: 17%
    CBD: 1.2%

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