Snow Storm #2 (Dutch Passion)

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77 / 100
There's very little info. This very easy-to-grow autoflowering strain is ideal for those who want to quickly grow a good skunk outdoors. The yields are medium.

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An autoflowering, mostly sativa skunk
THC: 7-12%


  • Seed To Harvest: 76-90 days
  • Yield: 1.5-7oz per plant
  • Height: Up to 4.5'
  • Outdoor

  • Seed To Harvest: 100+ days
  • Seed Type: Feminized Only

    A big plant with a large central cola and several side branches. The buds are covered with ample 'frost'. Snow Storm #2 is easy to grow and loves a lot of light. Indoors 20/4 light cycle is recommended. The plants respond well to topping and low-stress training.


    Strong and long-lasting, it gives you a nice relaxation.

    Good for:

    Earth with a hint of fruit.


    SnowStorm #2 was developed with our most prized Orange Bud female – a hugely powerful original Skunk line which has been professionally developed into one of the top AutoFem varieties.  SnowStorm #2 can reach 1m+ in hydroponic systems though for most growers she stays under 100cm.

    The main central bloom can grow large and heavy with resin. Around this are ten or more shorter blooms which also get very heavy with swollen buds. Experienced auto growers achieve around 125-150g of dry bud per plant, the cannabis produced from SnowStorm#2 is tasty and strong.  Resin production is good and the buds sparkle with a white frosty (snow) coating at harvest, which is how the variety was named. Lovers of Skunk and Orange Bud should try SnowStorm#2, she comes with the best genetics and is a pleasure to grow. Recommended.

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