White Widow (Green House Seeds)

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79 / 100
Don't expect a bomb to spare yourself a disappointment. It's a low-maintenance, high-yielding strain but a good resin production, flavor and high are not guaranteed in every pheno.

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Mostly indica
ТГК: 18,76% КБД: 0,1%

Закрытый грунт

  • Время цветения: 56-84 days
  • Урожайность: 2-7oz per plant
  • Высота: 2'-3.5'
  • Открытый грунт

    Тип семян: Только фемки

    Its flowering time is somewhat longer than claimed by the breeder - 9-10 weeks and more. These extra weeks is the period when buds gain weight and become very resinous. White Widow doesn't need much attention, likes a lot of space and nutrients. It may require some height control (LST, SCROG). The stretch in flowering is average (x2 times). This Widow grows better as a bush and not in a sea of green.


    Don't rush the harvest, otherwise your stuff may lack potency. A great strain to make hash from.


    The opinions vary greatly. Some get a bad smell (musty, earthy, with hints of household chemicals), others - a nice one (fruit, musk, grapes, hash).

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