Flash Back #2 (Sweet Seeds)

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76 / 100
A quick, tall, bushy sativa that produces generous amounts of stuff with a connoisseur flavor and an average effect.

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Sativa/Indica (60%/40%)
THC: 15-20%


  • Flowering Time: 58-63 days
  • Yield: 4.5oz per plant
  • Height: Up to 5'
  • Outdoor

    Seed Type: Feminized Only

    Flash Back #2 finishes quickly for a strain with dominating sativa genetics. It grows tall, stretches quite a bit after the swith to12/12 and has many side branches that compete with the central cola. The branches get covered by fat buds along their whole length which ensures an excellent productivity but also results in mold in too humid environments. In the first weeks Flash Back #2 isn't exactly vigorous - it grows slowly and show signs of stress if you make mistakes with watering and nutrients. Later it grows without a problem.


    Generic and boring. In smaller doses you can use it from morning till night. When overindulged, it makes one lazy and stupid.

    Good for:

    A descendant of Flo and White Widow, Flash Back #2 has an intensive and pleasant flavor.


    Stabilized Hybrid, result of the crossing of two genetics of the highest quality.

    Exceptional mother Flo crossed a White Widow of intense aroma and great resin production. The result is a plant filled with tricommas with an exquisite fruit aroma that remembers strawberry shades, fruits of the forest and humus.

    This variety has in intense cerebral effect that transports in the time and evokes exotic aromas of other times and countries.

    Indica/Sativa: 40%-60%
    Indoor Yield: 400-600gr/m2
    Outdoor Yield: 350-700gr/planta
    THC: 15-20%.
    Flowering indoors: 8-9 weeks.
    Flowering outdoors: End of September, principles of October.

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