Chronic (Serious Seeds)

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84 / 100
A high-yield strain for commercial cultivation. The quality of the buds is good, the balanced sativa-indica high gives you the best of both worlds.

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ТГК: 20%

Закрытый грунт

  • Время цветения: 56-68 days
  • Урожайность: 1.5-3oz per plant
  • Высота: 3'-3.5'
  • Открытый грунт

  • Готовность: October-November
  • Урожайность: Very high
  • Тип семян: Фемки и регуляры

    Commercial harvests (up to a gram per Watt) without compromising quality. A huge central cola as thick as your arm and very few side branches make it an ideal SOG strain. The buds are almost leafless.


    Relaxes you body and lifts your mood, makes you focused and stimulates bright, creative thoughts. It's a night-time smoke, good for napping in front of TV, but can also be used during the day. A very nice commercial bud though never a top-shelf strain. A Cannabis Cup winner.


    Not for connoisseurs: sweet and spicy, with hints of wild flowers and multi-vitamins. A proper drying and curing are especially important for this strain. The smoke is smooth.

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