Pamir Gold (Dutch Passion)

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86 / 100
A reliable, high-yielding strain for indoor and outdoor cultivation, it has a nice flavor and mellow happy high which is well balanced.

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60% indica / 40% sativa
THC: 8-12%


  • Flowering Time: 52-68 days
  • Yield: Above average
  • Outdoor

  • Harvest Time: Early October
  • Yield: High
  • Height: 10'
  • Seed Type: Feminized Only

    This indica dominant plant is suitable for outddor cultivation in colder climates, particularly in mountainous regions. It is mold-resistant and fully matures in the first weeks of October. Pamir Gold is also successfully grown indoors. The yields are above average. Good for beginners.


    Mellow and happy. Good for those who like to remain functional when under the influence. A good sativa/indica balance.


    Earth and fruit.


    Pamir Gold originated in the western Himalayas of Tadzjikistan. The plant was adapted to the high altitudes of the Swiss Alpes during several years of selective breeding. Once selected seeds were reproduced in the Netherlands. Pamir Gold is a mostly Indica variety (60%,40%) having a sweet earthy taste with a breath of lemon and pear. Healthy plants are 1.5 to 1.8 meters in height outdoors. Mold and mildew resistant. Yield: above average. Does also well indoors. Subtile stone/high.

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    • iskra


      10 March 2016 at 16:41 |
      Hi can i grow Pamir Gold on high altitude 800metres (sea leavel),sumer continues 3 months and temperatures are 10 to 30 degrees. Night are cold. Tell me more for Pamir Gold. Give me full characteristics, wich is the low temperature and the hight altitude that it can grow. Send me mail. Thanks
      • Dmitry


        16 March 2016 at 14:55 |
        Hi, I grew Pamir Gold outdoors twice - one time with light deprivation, and one time I just put her in the ground and left to her own devices. The second time she just failed to form any buds, probably because the late summer and September were too rainy and cold. So, based on this experience, I wouldn't really recommend PG for the climates with a short summer. The faster phenos of Shaman and Frisian Dew, maybe. However, I think your best shot is some autoflowering strain. Good luck!

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