Shaman (Dutch Passion)

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78 / 100
A strong, high-yielding, mold-resistant early outdoor strain that finishes by the beginning or the middle of October and gives one a sensual sativa high. A day-time smoke.

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3.7/5 rating (12 votes)
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75% sativa / 25% indica
THC: 13,7%


  • Flowering Time: 50-60 days
  • Outdoor

  • Harvest Time: September-October
  • Yield: 3.5-10oz per plant
  • Height: 3'-6'
  • Seed Type: Both Fem And Reg

    A commercial strain for colder climates. Shaman can be harvested at the end of September or the beginning of October, although there are phenos that finish both earlier and later. The height varies from 3 to 8 feet and depends on the time the plants are put in the ground. This variety is quite low-maintenance and high-yielding. The buds are not very dense, nor very resinous but resistant to mold. When grown indoors it hermies easily. 50% of the plants have purple buds. Shaman doesn't smell much.


    Euphoric, social, mood-lifting, sometimes psychedelic, it is a good strain for creativity, against depression and chronic pain. A daytime type of smoke.


    Weak grassy smell. Sweet taste.


    A proven variety dating back to the1980's, Shaman is a reliable, robust and highly potent F1 hybrid of an exceptional male Purple#1 and a top female Skunk. Bred for the outdoor/greenhouse grower, Shaman is resistant to spidermites as well as mould and bud rot.  Shaman is a distinctive, elegant plant growing with clear Sativa characteristics such as long intermodal distance between the large buds.

    Around half the plants turn a beautiful shade of purple during flowering which is complete by the end of September or early October outdoors.  In a greenhouse, flowering takes 7-8 weeks.  Shaman shows great hybrid vigour and delivers a smooth, woody sweet purple smoke that is a sensual high-quality sativa 'up' high.

    Shaman is the perfect choice for the outdoor/greenhouse grower looking for robust, quality genetics that have stood the test of time and will deliver bumper harvests.

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