Super Skunk (Sensi Seeds)

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78 / 100
A good hybrid of Skunk and Afgani for novice growers. It produces large harvest of solid buds that give a strong fun high.

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A skunk. Indica/Sativa (80%/20%)
ТГК: 19%

Закрытый грунт

  • Время цветения: 45-75 days
  • Урожайность: High
  • Высота: 1'-2'
  • Открытый грунт

  • Готовность: November
  • Высота: 7' and more
  • Тип семян: Фемки и регуляры

    A low-maintenance strain that can tolerate high doses of ferts, beginner's mistakes and not so ideal grow conditions in general. It is resistant to mold, high-yielding, short stature and stinky. Controlling the height (fimming/topping) doesn't compromise productivity. Super Skunk finishes in 7 to 10 weeks. There are phenos that are ideal for SOG setups. Others get very bushy and take a lot of space horizontally. Super Skunk can be grown in warm temperate climates. The genetics may have deteriorated in the recent years (?).


    An old-school strong, long lasting high which is also fun. Comes in waves providing powerful effects in the body. The comedown is easy.


    Relaxing, eating, watching movies, playing video games, Also spending time with friends and going for a walk. Having sex.


    Pleasant. Sour fruit, earth, diesel.

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