White Widow x Ultimate (Dutch Passion)

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85 / 100
There's little info. A new commercial variety that combines the Ultimate's high yields and the Widow's great resin production. The taste, smell and high are pleasant.

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Sativa/Indica (50%/50%)
THC: 17-19%


  • Flowering Time: 56-70 days
  • Yield: High
  • Height: 5'-6'
  • Outdoor

    Seed Type: Regular Only

    This hybrid of the legendary Widow and the commercial strain The Ultimate is vigorous, stable and produces generous amounts of sticky buds. These plants reach 5ft and more. To get bumper harvests use hydro and flower the plants for 2 weeks longer than recommended by the breeder. White Widow X Ultimate can be grown 12/12 form seeds.


    Strong and pleasant.


    Nice. Haze, citrus, earth.


    This superb and long-awaited cross of two of our most respected varieties delivers great yields of very strong, highly resinous, buds. We offer this variety only in regular seeds; she will be popular with new growers, old-school connoisseurs and home-breeders looking for a reliably potent variety which is easy and robust to grow. For many years we have had repeat requests for a White Widow cross, she is one of the original iconic breeds and the strongest indica-dominant in our collection. The Ultimate is perhaps our heaviest yielder, but also very powerful. A male White Widow and female ‘Ultimate’ were put together to produce this mixed indica/sativa. The high is strong and intense yet allows you to remain active. The plants are very oily with a noticeable Haze taste together with earthy/citrus flavours which are twisted together with pine. She grows up to 1.5m tall with very good yields and does well in all mediums with the best results in DWC (deep water culture). Plants can be harvested as early as 8 weeks but some will prefer to wait 10 weeks for full bud production and ripeness.

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