Kosher Kush (Reserva Privada)

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79 / 100
This indica has a long flowering time but its sticky crystal white buds provide a happy, heavy stone in the body and the mind. Helps against insomnia.

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80% indica / 20% sativa
ТГК: High

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  • Время цветения: 63-72 days
  • Урожайность: 2-4oz perplant
  • Высота: Tall
  • Открытый грунт

    Тип семян: Фемки и регуляры

    It's a low-maintenance indica that can be grown by beginners BUT 1) do not expect big yields, 2) be prepared for some monstrous stretch in flower - up to 400%. The last issue can be controlled by topping/FIMing of the main stem. The flowering time is quite long for an indica but in the end the buds become frosty and sticky. Till the very end they should be checked for hermies. This strain stinks a lot and tolerates medium to high doses of fertilizers. The plants are very uniform.


    A very powerful, happy stone that comes quick and lasts long. A night-time type of smoke, it leaves you functional only in small doses. If you smoke more you start to yawn, rub your eyes and eventually fall asleep. A wonderful medicine against pain, insomnia, anxiety and stress.

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