Mazar (Dutch Passion)

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85 / 100
This pure indica is high yielding, easy to grow and very stinky. The high is heavy, stony, with no paranoia but some find it a bit boring. Women's favourite.

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An almost pure indica
ТГК: 19,5%

Закрытый грунт

  • Время цветения: 56-72 days
  • Урожайность: 1-3oz per plant
  • Высота: Up to 2'
  • Открытый грунт

  • Урожайность: High
  • Высота: 7'
  • Тип семян: Фемки и регуляры

    A rather high-yielding, stable, easy-to-grow strain with a big central cola and few side branches. The smell is very strong. Humidity control is a must, otherwise the dense buds are prone to bud rot.


    Strong, long lasting and relaxing, it won't give you any paranoia and will lead to couch-lock when overindulged. Some users complain that the high is strong but not interesting. Women like it a lot. A Cannabis Cup winner.


    Intense and quite pleasant.

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    Comments (1)

    • Tim b

      Tim b

      30 March 2017 at 20:48 |
      Hi there I got 2 mazers from dutchpassion in a nft tank under leds in the same tank I got 2 suger haze .the thing is they all look great realy healthy looking in the 4th week of vegetables but the 2 suger haze are like nearly double the size the mazers are realy compact inch intern odes is this normal ph is 5.9 cf 18.