La Blanca (Kannabia)

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85 / 100
There's very little info. A 'white' (meaning 'covered by crystals') marijuana strain, easy-to-grow and stinky. It can be grown by beginners if the issue of smell is taken care of.

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Mostly indica
THC: 15%


  • Flowering Time: 55-75 days
  • Yield: High
  • Height: 4+ feet
  • Outdoor

  • Harvest Time: September-October
  • Seed Type: Both Fem And Reg

    A very resinous, glistening with crystals, stinky, easy-to-grow strain. It is squat and strong but stretches a lot when forced to flower.


    Strong but not always long-lasting.



    To return back to the origins was our prerogative, we made a tribute to all the people who enjoyed the “WHITE” family.

    From its vast lineage we reduced the selection, taking priority over the taste, the production and its medical power. It is a careful selection of Great White Shark (chosen for the best selection parametres), while its heredity Skunk #1 gives it a sweet taste and a penetrating smell from the end of the growing to the whole blooming. It is a very aromatic variety so take special care with the smell from the start!

    Mixing it with our male “K” with pure Indico characteristics, we tried to fix the blooming period between 53 and 63 days and a better indoor adaptation, so we obtain a hybrid ready in approximately 8 weeks.

    The concentration of resin is so high that every grower will be surprised looking at the enormous “sugar” buds.

    When you cultivate La Blanca you realize that even if it seems hard work, it is very easy to grow also in the worst conditions. After submitting it to a heavy growing process, you obtain surprising results!

    Take care not to use too much fertilizer as the plant responds very well to only a small quantity.

    The structure of the plant allows you to apreciate the powerful buds charged with resin which look like shark’s teeth.

    La Blanca will definitely shock you!

    Height: Medium
    Indoor flowering time: 8 - 9 weeks
    Outdoor harvest time: September - October
    THC level: 15%
    Yield: High

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