Lemon Skunk (DNA Genetics)

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A strong smell and taste of lemons, the sativa-like high that is energizing and joyful but also gives a bit of pleasant relaxation in the body.

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A sativa dominant skunk (60%/40%)
THC: 18%


  • Flowering Time: 50-64 days
  • Yield: 400-500 g/m2
  • Height: Rather tall
  • Outdoor

  • Harvest Time: October
  • Yield: Huge
  • Seed Type: Both Fem And Reg

    Lemon Skunk grows quite tall. The lower 4-6 branches should better be removed. The side branches are often long, with roundish buds that are far apart from each other. The flower-to-leaf ratio is good. This strain produces good yields after 9 weeks in flower.


    Rather strong uplifting, happy head high with a lot of mental concentration and some indica relaxation towards the end. Good against pain and for appetite.

    Good for:

    Deep, creative thoughts.


    It's the strain's highlight. The flavor is quite intense sometimes. Citric and sweet.


    This strain is a cross between two Skunks, the chosen phenotype selected for its lemon characteristics. The Lemon mother has been kept for over 20 years in Las Vegas and the father was chosen here in Holland. The male was donated by Eddie, formally the owner of one of the oldest and most prestigious seed banks in the Netherlands. This original prize male was selected and used in many breeding projects throughout the years. The Lemon Skunk will grow tall and is a good yielder. She has great smelling buds. Her buds are light green with thick orange hairs. She has a high calyx to leaf ratio. This strain is the tastiest and sweetest if she is cut down between 50 and 56 days. We would like to thank the Lemon Man and Eddie for making this possible! Top 10 Strains of the Year 2009 Hightimes 1st Indoor Hydro Spannabis 2008 1st Outdoor Highlife Cup 2007 2nd IC420 Breederscup 2008.

    60% Sativa : 40% Indica
    Flowering Time: 7-8 Weeks
    Yield: 400-500g/m2

    Guest (pakaloco.com):
    this strain is hardy, the taste is what you expect) The bush is not very dense but the buds are solid. As far as I understood the strain, it needs a good light. Indoors it shows good survival instincts and won't die under torture (to some extent, of course:)

    Guest (pakaloco.com):
    A nice strain. Outdoors it did well and even took some frost with no apparent stress. In veg it was falling behind its comrades but then caught up with them quickly. 4 out of 5.

    alanalien13 (leafly.com):
    очень ароматный с запахом лимона , курится легко . Эффект такой будто съел за рас кило лимонов )) После двух выкуренных чувствуются психоделические наплывы . Эффект плавно распределяется по всему телу . Люблю курить один этот сорт )

    ripster (leafly.com):
    I've grow this strain 6 times and only once did I have pheno I didn't like. But I love this lemon skunk. Tall and wide spread internodes. A must for any connoisseur....

    mendoman (leafly.com):
    Has an unmistakable smell like lemon frosting. If growing, it's a great producer. This strain is relaxing and pain-relieving for sure.

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    • Jeff Crocketassholefamilly

      Jeff Crocketassholefamilly

      18 May 2017 at 09:18 |
      1/ type dna genetics on google and see the number of craps who pop up, it was the time they start jeopardising your freedom indeed. an abuse.
      2/ cannabis cup boarders lines, cheating with judges and high times
      3/ the cheeks do not ship seeds to the usa but they rely on attitude seedbank to do it for them, (the us courage again)
      4/ the cheeks decided to leave usa at the time of prop 215, they didn't feel secure they said....
    • Strain Sane

      Strain Sane

      28 June 2017 at 08:30 |
      So what if DNA moved to Holland during Bushes regime? They did the smartest thing they could do cuz they would have been put out of business most likely in the USA

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