Liberty Haze (Barney's Farm)

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67 / 100
This stuff will give you a beautiful euphoric, mood-lifting high but to get a good plant from a pack of seeds is a matter of much luck.

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3.1/5 rating (9 votes)
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50/50 Indica/Sativa
THC: Up to 25% CBD: 1,8%


  • Flowering Time: 65-120 days
  • Yield: High
  • Height: 2-3.5ft (max. 7ft)
  • Outdoor

    Seed Type: Feminized Only

    There are many angry reports all over the web deprecating bad germination rates and endless flowering time in some phenos. Other growers' experience is quite positive. We recommend to germinate many seeds at once and cull those that haven't started flowering within 2 weeks after the switch to 12/12. The flowering time can be from 71 to 120+ days with 85-90 days in the average. There are a lot of sativa-leaning phenos but their relatively big height seldom creates a problem. The branches require support at the later stages of flowering. The plants don't like high doses of fertilizers and excessive heat.


    Most reports are favourable. The high comes on quick and lasts long making the user uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, happy, clear-headed and eager to work and socialize. It is good against depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bad appetite. Inexperienced users - after an initial burst of energy - get the couch-lock and heavy eyes. Some are couch-locked instantly.


    The smell is nice (mostly citrus, musk, rotting fruit and diesel) but the taste is not everyone's favourite. It's a smooth smoke though.


    Cannabis Cup Winner 2011.

    G13 X ChemDawg 91.

    An excellent plant in both indoor and outdoor environments. Long dense cola’s start to really fatten up in the last three weeks.

    The Liberty Haze buzz is immediate and long lasting with an alert and euphoric cerebral effect. Has a distinct and refreshing lime taste and fragrance. Lab tests have rated the THC content as high as 25 percent.

    Gender: Feminized seeds
    Type: Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse
    Genetics: Sativa 50% Indica 50%
    High: Strong up high
    Flowering: 60 - 70 days
    Height: 50 - 100 cm
    Yield: + 600 gm per m2
    Prizes: First prize
    Medical: High THC / High CBD
    Climate: Temperate and Hot

    Comments (3)

    • dave


      03 August 2017 at 02:02 |
      Quick to show sex about 10 days after flipping into bud; however, after 11 weeks on 12-12 cycle the brachs (calexes) were still small. No more time to waste on this piece of s#!t; got a free LH seed from a cookie seed order, threw away the LH seed. GARBAGE! Tastes like crap, all it grows is long hairs with tiny brachs, the "bud" is 50% hairs! I wouldn't grow LH ever again even if given for free. Straight to TRASH CAN. Do not pass GO. Shame on me for not doing my homework in advance, I didn't know you had to grow 10 of these plants to hope you get lucky to get 1 winner.
    • Kevin


      20 September 2017 at 03:30 |
      Hey I've been growing liberty Haze for a couple years now.and I guess I did get lucky with the pheno I selected.giant sticky lemon smelling very good it .
      • Dmitry


        20 September 2017 at 08:09 |
        Good for you, bro) I love lemon phenos myself

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