Mandala #1 (Mandala Seeds)

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A reliable and productive outdoor strain that finishes by the end of September in colder temperate climates. The smoke is tasty, the high - pleasant and long lasting.

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THC: 18-21%


  • Flowering Time: 50-70 days
  • Yield: High
  • Height: Medium
  • Outdoor

  • Harvest Time: September-October
  • Yield: Very high
  • Seed Type: Regular Only

    A reliable strain for colder climates, it finishes by the end of September. It produces big yields and lots of resin even when grown outdoors. The smell is weak. You won't have to feed your plants much nutrients. Mandala#1 can also be grown indoors where it matures quickly. One third of the plants lean to sativa, the rest are indica dominant.


    An energizing, very mellow high without paranoia, it lasts long chases away anxious thoughts, gives one deep and creative ideas. Sometimes the high is happy and makes you laugh. The quality of effect depends on the phenotype: it is great in some and not so great in others.


    Dried apples, apricots, citrus. The purple pheno smells like raspberries. The smoke is smooth.



    S.African highland Sativa x NZ Purple Indica & N.Indian Sativa


    THC: 18-21%, CBD: 0,2%, CBG: 1,0%

    An up-high that spreads in waves; euphoric; creative; can also be spacey and dreamy at the start.

    Properly cured buds have a natural sweet fragrance like dried apples. Purple plants spread a delicious raspberry fragrance, with a touch of minty freshness

    Medical use:
    Mandala #1 can benefit with its anti-anxiety & anti-depressive effect. It has up to 1% CBG which is beneficial for treating glaucoma, as a sleep aid, and for anti-microbial use. This strain can be applied for a variety of other medical uses as well due to its exceptional quality.

    Flowering time outdoor:
    mid Sept. (south) end of September (north)

    Flowering time indoor:
    55-60 days

    Recommended light intensity:
    400-600W HPS/m2

    Yield (dry weight):
    450 gr/m2 ; 800-1200 gr. per plant outdoor in the ground.

    Plant Height:
    medium-slightly tall

    Detailed Description


    Mandala #1 is a good choice if you are aiming for a quick crop with a sativa effect. We recommend this strain especially for northern climates where harvesting by the end of September is a priority. This strain has two basic phenotypes (characteristic plant types). Approximately 30% of the plants belong to the sativa dominant phenotype and grow in a Christmas tree shape. The leaf structure is similar to the Indica dominant phenotype. Purplish leaf stems and light red stripes along shoots are not uncommon and should not be mistaken for a nutrient deficiency. The young flowering plants have a perfumed woody-herbal fragrance when you rub the stems.* Despite the sativa dominance the buds are chunky and the plants are easy to grow. The Indica type phenotype is apparent through it's squater growth, thick main stem, and larger leaves. Branches are shorter, growing upwards close to the plant (perfect for SOG). The side shoots towards the top are also short and give the head buds a more compact structure. This pheno tends to develop a sweet-spicy smell during early flowering. Mandala #1 flowers with a spear-shaped head bud of considerable length that makes this a high yielder. Resin output is impressive - also outdoor. The prime head buds are coated with a thick layer of trichomes and glisten brightly in the sun. Some plants develop beautiful dark purple calyxes during mid-flowering: a trait which they inherited from the New Zealand Purple Indica in the paternal line. Harvesting is very simple since the calyx-to-leaf ratio is predominantly high.


    One of our breeding goals is to ensure that our strains are flexible and stable so that plants can be raised indoor and undergo the light stress of switching between artificial lighting and sunlight. It is therefore possible to start your garden indoor and shift the plants outdoor for flowering. Cloning and regenerating Mandala #1 is easy. Since this strain has a high percentage of landrace genetics that was adapted to growing on nutrient poor soil, the plants subsist easily in good horticultural grade potting soil and require little feeding if any. We recommend providing an adequate pot size for healthy growth (see SOIL GUIDE for details). Height is average and even the sativa phenotype can be accomodated in small indoor spaces if a 12/12 light period is started early. A Sea of Green style cultivation is best with the Indica phenotype, or with clones (rather than from seed) of both phenotypes. All plants are suitable for SCROG and other forms of training.


    This early flowering strain shares the benefits of hardy landrace genetics and a very resinous hybrid to produce robust plants with high bud quality. The early flowering traits in this cross initiate bud development quickly enough for an abundant yield in September. Even if harsh weather circumstances require harvesting before all plants reach full maturity, they will still deliver a satisfying amount of resin-coated buds.

    Product Features

    • best outdoor strain for the north
    • quick indoor harvest
    • contains attractive magenta/purple plants
    • medical-grade marijuana
    • very good mold & pest resistance
    • high yielding (bumper crops outdoor)

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