Maxi Gom (Grass-O-Matic)

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Генетический тип An autoflowering indica/sativa hybrid
Процент ТГК 16-18%


Maxi Gom grows fast and doesn't mind fertilization mistakes. It gets abundantly covered with trichomes from top to bottom and can produce indoors even more than promised by the breeder, especially when using hydro. Outdoor yields are lower. There are unfavorable grow reports - when the plants just stopped developing. Maxi GOM finishes in 10-10.5 weeks from seed. You must do something against mold that affects fat colas late in flowering.


Not very strong, quite generic and a bit boring, it creates a nice relaxation in the body.


Very pleasant. Sweet and fruity (pineapple, mango).


Listening to music, watching movies, chilling after work.