Crystal Meth (Fast Buds)

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81 / 100
A large auto with big purple buds. It has a nutty smell and produces a strong, long lasting and very enjoyable high.

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An autoflowering sativa/indica hybrid
ТГК: 20% КБД: 1%


  • От семки до урожая: 56-85 days
  • Урожайность: 1.5-2oz per plnat
  • Высота: 1'-4'
  • Outdoors

  • Урожайность: 2-3.5oz per plant
  • Высота: 5'
  • Seed Type: Только фемки

    Although the breeder describes this auto as "white" (meaning 'white with crystals'), most growers say the buds are reddish-purple. The plants show sex rather late in life (in a month from sprouts) but this allows them to get big and high-yielding. The buds are quite leafy. This strain grows by itself and is a good choice for beginners. Most phenos are bushy, some stink a lot and require smell control. When grown outdoors, the buds get big but not dense.


    Strong and long lasting. A mellow, enveloping, happy sativa/indica high, it starts in the head and then fills the body.


    Many users describe the unique taste and smell of hazelnuts.

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