Super Critical Auto (Green House Seeds)

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A good choice for beginners, this strain produces both quick autos and longer flowering (but also higher yielding) superautos. The effect is quite strong but simple.

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A mostly indica autoflowering hybrid


  • От семки до урожая: 60-90 days
  • Урожайность: 0.5-4oz per plant
  • Высота: 1.5'-6'
  • Outdoors

  • От семки до урожая: Up to 100 days
  • Урожайность: Up to 1oz per plant
  • Высота: 2.5'-3.5'
  • Seed Type: Только фемки

    A great choice for beginners, Super Critical Auto can tolerate various mistakes, including overwatering and overfeeding. It can finish very quick, especially if it is grown in smaller pots but among phenos there are many slower 'superautos' that grow tall and might need shorter days (18/6 to 12/12) to flower successfully. The buds get heavy and resinous. Outdoors, Super Critical Auto produces less resin and smaller yields.


    A relaxing body stone, it is quite strong (in most phenos) but pretty generic.


    Pleasant but complex, without any pronounced smell/taste.

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