Lavender (Soma Seeds)

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86 / 100
There's little info. An easy-to-grow strain with stable genetics, beautiful purple buds, a unique flavour and a mellow relaxing high.

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Mostly indica


  • Время цветения: 60-70 days
  • Урожайность: 3oz per plant
  • Outdoors

    Seed Type: Фемки и регуляры

    Due to its stable genetics, the Lavender strain of weed produces plants that look very similar to each other. They are-easy-to-grow and can tolerate less than perfect grow conditions such as too low or too high temps and nutrient dosages. The breeder recommends shorter vegging when grown in SOG; otherwise plants tend to form many side branches and stretch a lot during flowering time. However, you might also get a less bushy pheno with only a few side shoots and a dominating central cola. Based on growers’ info, the buds are extremely dense and compact. Quite resinous, too, or at least the trichomes are very conspicuous against the deep purple background of the flowers and sugar leaves. The Lavender yields quite well.


    This pot strain has moderate THC content, so the effect is never overwhelming but still strong enough and long lasting. Users with high THC tolerance describe it as mellow, easy-going and clear-headed, allowing one to function. However, if overindulged, the Lavender will give you a lazy stone, perfect for the end of the day.

    Good for:

    Relaxing after work, spending an evening in front of the TV. People with tolerance medicate themselves with the Lavender during the day.


    Unique, recognizable smell that people describe as 'purple' and spicy with hints of lavender and strong taste like Afghani hash.

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