A.M.S. (Green House Seeds)

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73 / 100
This 'anti-mold strain' is in fact often affected by mold. It produces commercial harvests outdoors. The smoke is average.

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50% sativa / 50% indica
ТГК: 19,05% КБД: 0,17%


  • Время цветения: 55-62 days
  • Урожайность: A little above average
  • Высота: Medium/Tall
  • Outdoors

  • Готовность: Late September
  • Урожайность: Very high
  • Высота: Up to 8'
  • Seed Type: Только фемки

    A stable, uniform, hardy commercial strain. It's good for beginners. It has a lot of side branches which make AMS a poor choice for the sea-of-green method. In humid climates you'll experience some problems with mold. When grown outdoors, height control is necessary because the plants tend to stretch a lot in flower. Germinating the seeds can sometimes be difficult.


    Not very strong, mellow, relaxing, it's more suitable for night-time use. Helps with multiple sclerosis and insomnia.

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