Arjan's Ultra Haze #1 (Green House Seeds)

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80 / 100
There's very little info. A giant sativa that you will be growing forever. Not meaning 'again and again' but rather 'you'll never see her mature'.

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100% sativa
ТГК: 21,6% КБД: 0,8%


  • Время цветения: Up to 240 days
  • Урожайность: Huge
  • Высота: 6ft
  • Outdoors

  • Готовность: November
  • Урожайность: High
  • Seed Type: Только фемки

    This strain's flowering time is very long (several times longer than stated by the breeder). It grows vigorously and stretches a lot, with great many long and sturdy branches carrying a stupefying amount of bud.


    The high is slow to start and develop but lasts long.

    Good for:

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