Original Amnesia (Dinafem)

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75 / 100
There's little info. Commercial yields, short flowering period for a sativa, good ease of growing and the high that can be extremely strong.

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Sativa dominant (90%/10%)
THC: 16-22% CBD: Low


  • Flowering Time: 50-70 days
  • Yield: 5oz per plant
  • Height: Medium/Tall
  • Outdoor

  • Harvest Time: October-November
  • Yield: 2-3lb per plant
  • Seed Type: Feminized Only

    A high-yielding strain that can even be called commercial, it grows quickly and finishes fast for a sativa (~60 days). The plants are hardy, easy-to-grow and suitable for beginners. You can easily control the height by topping, supercropping and LST-ing the branches. Amnesia likes lots of ferts and light. It gets very bushy and clones easily. Sometimes it has a strong smell when in flower. The resin is abundant not only on buds and sugar leaf but even on stems. The buds are rock-hard.


    It varies greatly - from very light to extremely strong. Many find it too indica-like. If you harvest the plants when trichs are amber you may get a confused, paranoid and unpleasant effect.


    Usually pretty generic. Sweets, spice and bubblegum.


    After many years of winning several cups and being nº1 in the coffeeshop of Holland, the breeder of Amnesia has created its feminized version. Amnesia is the creation of a Dutch breeder. This strain is extremely productive and has a powerful effect.

    It is well known for being a sativa that grows like an indica, very productive, strong effect and of manageable height. It tastes like a sweet sativa, sweeter than the majority of Haze hybrids, with a brutal amount of crystal resin.

    It needs high levels of Ec and light to give its best. Those looking for top quality, they prefer to cultivate it organically. We recommend to treat it with respect, it is overwhelmingly powerful and you have to be careful with it, because it can cause blackouts.

    * Brutal effect.
    * Extremely good producer.

    Flowering days: 60 - 70
    Harvesting outdoors: 30/9 - 25/10
    THC: 16% - 22%
    CBD: low
    Producton: 1000 gramos - 1500 gramos
    Genetic: Sativa: 90.0% / Indica: 10.0%

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