Ortega Indica (Dutch Passion)

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82 / 100
There's not much info. A decent, average yielding medicinal strain for those who seek anti-anxiety, relaxing and sleep-inducing effects.

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100% indica
THC: 13-17%


  • Flowering Time: 60 days
  • Yield: Average
  • Height: Small
  • Outdoor

    Seed Type: Feminized Only

    Small and sometimes dwarf-like indoor plants, they can be grown in greenhouses, too. They form dense bushes with lots of branches, short internodes and thick stalks.There are several phenos. The best way is to grow a few plants and select a keeper. The growth is quite slow in the start so to get bigger yields extend the veg period.


    A pronounced narcotic effect, with no hangover in the morning. Mellow, clear, calming and pain-relieving.

    Good for:

    Very strong - earth, spice and cigars.


    We consider Ortega Indica a medicinal cannabis variety. Ortega Indica is a hybrid of Northern Lights #1 and another strong Indica, both dating back to the late seventies. Extremely penetrating odour/aroma: earthy, spicy and tobacco. Our seven-person test team reported that Ortega Indica is a good variety to smoke before going to sleep, a feature present in all Indica strains, but more extreme in Ortega Indica. It works as an effective sleeping pill and tranquilizer. Ortega Indica is special in that it’s "stone/high" does not have a cloudy "morning after effect". In other words, the morning after smoking Ortega Indica, almost no cannabis effects are experienced any more. Smoke Ortega Indica and wake up with a clear mind. This is seldom the experience after taking sleeping pills or tranquilizers. Ortega Indica plants stay small (dwarf-like) and compact and are quite homogenous. The stoned/high is medium strong. Best results indoor and also greenhouses in temperate climates. Compact buds, medium yielder.

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